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SMT-V is the open-access, peer-reviewed video journal of the Society for Music Theory. Founded in 2014, SMT-V publishes video essays that showcase the latest research in music theory in a dynamic, audiovisual format. The journal features a supportive and collaborative production process, and publishes three to four videos per year. Read more about SMT-V here.

SMT-V 4.2 Carmel Raz, „Anne Young’s Musical Games (1801): Music Theory, Gender, and Game Design“ from SMT-V on Vimeo.

“Anne Young’s Musical Games (1801): Music Theory, Gender, and Game Design”

Carmel Raz (Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics)

In 1801, the Scottish music theorist Anne Young (1756-1827) created an elaborate board game set designed to teach musical fundamentals. This video offers some thoughts on the creation and reception of her works, contextualizing their creation and reception within the history of education in late eighteenth century Britain.

Keywords: history of music theory, history of music pedagogy, educational games, women in music theory


SMT-V is a peer-reviewed publication consisting of videos of short to moderate length to be hosted on—or accessible by links from—the SMT website.

  • The videos should deal with some scholarly aspect of music theory or analysis, geared either towards the music theory professional or towards members of the educated public. Although some videos might deal with topics of music theory pedagogy research, they should not be geared directly towards beginning harmony students.
  • The videos should be self-standing, not adjuncts to a written text.
  • The final screens of the videos could contain a bibliography and acknowledgements.
  • The videos will be published one at a time on a regular basis, with previous videos archived on the website.


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Those wishing to publish a video on SMT-V should first submit a written proposal summarizing the proposed project. If the proposed project is deemed appropriate, the author will be invited to submit a draft of a storyboard or script. Upon acceptance of the script, the author will be invited to produce a full video in conjunction with guidance and assessment from selected members of the Editorial Board. Details regarding the submission process are found at

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact the SMT-V Editor.

Editorial Board

Editor: Poundie Burstein (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY):

Associate Editor: Seth Monahan (Eastman School of Music):

Members at Large

  • David Bashwiner, University of New Mexico (2018)
  • Michael Buchler, Florida State University (2020)
  • Jonathan De Souza, University of Western Ontario (2020)
  • Megan Kaes Long, Oberlin College and Conservatory (2020)
  • Elaine Sisman, Columbia University (2018)
  • Janet Schmalfeldt, Tufts University (2018)
  • Daphne Tan, University of Toronto (2019)
  • Christopher White, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2020)
  • Simon Zagorski-Thomas, University of West London (2018)