MLA Notes Volume 69

MLA Notes Volume 69 Number 1 September 2012
Notes 69

MLA Notes Volume 69

Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, is regarded as the foremost scholarly journal for music libraries and librarianship. For nearly sixty years, Notes has presented interesting, informative, and well-written articles on music librarianship, music bibliography, the music trade, discography, and certain aspects of music history. Each quarterly issue offers critical reviews of significant books and printed music, as well as columns providing complete bibliographic citations for new books, music, and music publishers‘ catalogs.
Published by: Music Library Association

Table of Contents

Happy New Ears! In Celebration of 100 Years: The State of Research on John Cage

In commemoration of the 2012 centenary of John Cage’s birth, this article explores the state of research on his life and work. Included is an overview of the disposition of manuscript music and correspondence, as well as descriptions and history of the various archives he himself established. The article also features a review of the literature about Cage, primarily monographic in nature, information about select dissertations and periodical articles, and pertinent Internet resources.
Deborah Campana

The New Mexico Federal Music Project: Embodying the Regional Spirit of Roosevelt’s New Deal

During the Great Depression the federal government created several federally-funded programs to help employ out-of-work Americans. One of these programs was the Federal Music Project (FMP). The Federal Music Project was represented in every state, and the New Mexico FMP was directed by Helen Chandler Ryan from 1 January 1936 until the project’s close in 1943. Although most states‘ Federal Music Projects funded classically-trained musicians to play in symphony orchestras, Ryan realized that musicians in New Mexico were different from those in most other states. Most New Mexico musicians were not trained in Western „art“ music, but had significant experience with local folk music and traditions….
Audra Bellmore, Amy S. Jackson

Job Trends in Music Librarianship: A Nine-Year Analysis of the Music Library Association’s Job List
Joe C. Clark

Notes for Notes
John H. Roberts, David Peter Coppen, Darwin Scott

Book Reviews


Leopold-Mozart-Werkverzeichnis (LMV) (review)
Peter M. Alexander

An Index to Articles Published in „The Etude“ Magazine, 1883-1957 (review)
Jeanne Adair Hansen

Historical Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Classical Music (review)
Jennifer A. Ward

Chamber Orchestra & Ensemble Repertoire: A Catalog of Modern Music (review)
Christina Placilla

Stage and Screen

Changed for Good: A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical (review)
Hilary Baker

Music in Television: Channels of Listening (review)
Lisa Scoggin


Rethinking Debussy (review)
In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:

Rethinking Debussy, an essay collection born of the 2006 Claude Debussy International Congress held at the University of Texas at Austin, was published in 2011, just before the 150th anniversary of Debussy’s birth this year. Editors Elliott Antokoletz and Marianne Wheeldon write that its aim is to fill lacunae in Debussy studies, inspire new research, and offer „new perspectives with which to consider and reconsider Debussy’s music“ (p. xiii). It acts as an overview of current Debussy research by leading scholars, and as such, demonstrates varied approaches to music analysis and interpretation, biography, and reception history. Organized chronologically and grouped into four broad topics, the ten essays span Debussy’s career from the influences of „Early Encounters“ (the title of the first section) to posthumous reception in the Tombeau de Claude Debussy, with an entire section dedicated to Pelléas et Mélisande.
Allison K. M. Bloom

Charles Koechlin: Compositeur et humaniste (review)
Elinor Olin

Metamorphosen. Beat Furrer an der Hochschule für Musik Basel. Schriften, Gespräche, Dokumente (review)
Emily Richmond Pollock


A Guide to Playing the Baroque Guitar (review)
Jeremy Grall

The Story of the Hummel (German Scheitholt) (review)
Jeremy Grall

United States

Birds of Fire: Jazz, Rock, Funk, and the Creation of Fusion (review)
Eunmi Shim

Food for Apollo: Cultivated Music in Antebellum Philadelphia (review)
Sarah Tomasewski

Eastern Europe

Harmony and Discord: Music and the Transformation of Russian Cultural Life (review)
Albrecht Gaub

S kým korespondoval Bed ich Smetana/Bed ich Smetana’s Correspondents/Mit wem korrespondierte Bed ich Smetana, and: Bed ich Smetana a jeho korespondence/and His Correspondence (review)
Kelly St. Pierre

Bohuslav Martinu: The Compulsion to Compose (review)
Erik Entwistle

Germany and Austria

Music at German Courts, 1715-1760: Changing Artistic Priorities (review)
Evan Cortens

Kirchenmusik im Biedermeier. Institutionen, Formen, Komponisten. Wissenschaftliche Tagung 10. bis 11. Oktober 2008, Ruprechtshofen, N. Ö. (review)
Mark A. Peters


Byzantine Neumes: A New Introduction to the Middle Byzantine Musical Notation (review)
Diane Touliatos-Miles

Books Recently Published
Karen R. Little, James Procell

New Periodicals
Lindsay Hansen

Spotify (review)
Jon Haupt

Video Reviews
Music Reviews
Music Received