Elliott Carter Studies Online Volume 2 2017

Elliott Carter Studies Online Volume 2 2017
Elliott Carter Studies Online is an online journal devoted to the music, life, and times of the American composer Elliott Carter (1908-2012). We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics; there are no restrictions on disciplinary perspective or format. We publish history, theory, performance practice, personal essays, aesthetics, biography, criticism, analysis, and media.
Volume 2 features contributions by Jonathan Bernard, Felix Meyer, Brenda Ravenscroft, Douglas Rust, and two previously unpublished letters by Elliott Carter, including one to Claire Reis, President of the League of Composers, written in 1942.

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John Link
Marguerite Boland
Co-editors, Elliott Carter Studies Online

Elliott Carter Studies Online, volume 2 (2017)


Studying Carter’s Music through his Compositional Sketches: Two Instructive Examples
Jonathan W. Bernard (University of Washington)

A Letter to Claire Reis (November 1, 1942)
Elliott Carter

A Letter to Jean Smith (May 8, 1974)
Elliott Carter

An Adventure in Form: Elliott Carter’s „Like a Bulwark“ (2009)
Brenda Ravenscroft (The Schulich School of Music of McGill University)

A Kinetic Projection of Ideas: Rhythm and Phrasing in Elliott Carter’s Piano Sonata
Douglas Rust (The University of Southern Mississippi)

„… no patience anymore for longer pieces“: A Look at Two Late Miniatures by Elliott Carter
Felix Meyer (Paul Sacher Foundation)