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The Sound of Resistance

The Sound of Resistance
Improvising Agency Conference 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017, 9am-5:30pm
The history of black improvised music brims with parables of resistance. Time and time again, in the face of oppression, artists and improvisers have raised their voices in sonorous defiance. What does this legacy mean in 2017, as artists and citizens face new incarnations of old demons?
On June 1, the Vision Festival, in collaboration with Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh, will convene its second one-day symposium of scholars and artists to address these and related issues. The Sound of Resistance weiterlesen

CONF: Artistic Migration and Identity, Paris 1870-1940

CONF: Artistic Migration and Identity, Paris 1870-1940
27-29 April 2017
McGill University (Montréal) and Montréal Museum of Fine Arts
This conference seeks to explore the phenomenon of artistic migration to Paris during the Third Republic from an interdisciplinary perspective (music, literature, and the visual arts), thus offering researchers from different fields the opportunity to compare their case studies and to formulate ideas that transcend their field of specialization, with the goal of producing a comprehensive understanding of the issues related to artistic migration to Paris. CONF: Artistic Migration and Identity, Paris 1870-1940 weiterlesen


Bach in the Age of Modernism

Bach in the Age of Modernism, Postmodernism, and Globalization

April 21-22, 2017
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Although the music of J.S. Bach has inspired a voluminous amount of
scholarship, the impact and appropriation of his music in the 20th and 21st
centuries remains relatively unexplored. This conference seeks to bring
together scholars from diverse disciplines and perspectives that share an
interest in the multiple ways the music of J.S. Bach has impacted culture
or inspired the work of composers, pedagogues, performers, critics, and
listeners during the 20th century and beyond. Bach in the Age of Modernism weiterlesen


Reembodied Sound Symposium

Reembodied Sound :

A Symposium on Transducer-based Music and Sonic Art

April 7-9, 2017
Computer Music Center at Columbia University
Prentis Hall
632 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027

Reembodied Sound is an interdisciplinary symposium and festival, focusing on current and emerging practices in music and sonic art involving the use of transducers or surface speakers. Taking place at the historic Computer Music Center at Columbia University (formerly the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center), this three day event features artists, researchers, scholars, and engineers from across the globe to investigate issues of aesthetics, ethnography, technical design, compositional techniques, history, gender representation, and pedagogy. Reembodied Sound Symposium weiterlesen