CFP Curating Resistance Punk as Archival Method

CFP Curating Resistance Punk as Archival Method
Deadline: November 15, 2017

February 9-10, 2018
Punk’s resistant literacies and performances are often in defiance of institutional rigors that carve exclusionary boundaries. Yet punk’s contested annals are increasingly not only part of but also help shape institutional efforts to exceed canonic representations. Bringing together scholars, musicians, fans, writers, and community members, including bands, public intellectuals, and members of the UCLA Library Special Collections “Punk Archive,” Curating Resistance: Punk as Archival Method encourages community building within, across, and beyond the university.
We invite submissions from all punk scholars, public intellectuals, music writers, resistant historians, critical students, misfit theorizers, queer thinkers, feminists, archivists, freaky writers, and anyone interested in the ways in which punk’s resistant musical literacies are protected, preserved, and circulated as well as the stakes of these practices. Papers, or alternative format presentations, may address any aspect of “curating resistance” and “punk as archival method,” such as punk identities that have been made marginal–queer, trans, punks of color, disability, women, among others–and expressive modes, intersectional oppression and inscriptive methods of resistance, the politics of punk preservation, critical approaches to punk media, dismantling white supremacy in archives or in punk, punk pedagogies, hidden transcripts and markets, border/genre transcending and crossing, resistant literacies and DIY genealogies, tensions between punk and institutions, punk as a space for historical presence/presents and futurities, and punk as space for the creation/maintenance of alternative genealogies, unconventional families, and community dialogue.

Please submit proposals via a single Word document [labeled last name_first name.docx] to PunkUCLA2018 -at- by November 15, 2017. For submission guidelines and more information about the conference, visit or send email inquiries to Jessica Schwartz, conference organizer and program committee chair, at schwartz -at-, and Candace Hansen, conference and program logistics/community outreach, candacelhansen -at-