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CFP Surrealism and music in France

surrealismfranceSurrealism and music in France 1924-1952: interdisciplinary and international contexts
Senate House, University of London, Friday 8 June 2018
Paris was the principal centre of surrealist activity and the focus of connections between surrealist literature, ethnology, sociology, visual arts and music. The links between surrealism and the emerging disciplines of ethnology and ethnomusicology redefined the concept of exoticism in France and were the subject of a good deal of polemical debate. However, connections between surrealism and music have been little explored, although it is clear the movement had a decisive influence on major French composers such as Pierre Boulez, Olivier Messiaen and André Jolivet. This study day initiates a transdisciplinary and international dialogue and will situate music at the heart of these debates. The day will end with a linked piano recital by the outstanding young pianist Alexander Soares. CFP Surrealism and music in France weiterlesen

The Mexican Musical Universe Between Centenaries (1517-1917)

International Conference “From New Spain to Mexico: The Mexican Musical Universe Between Centenaries (1517-1917)”
4-5 December 2017

Campus Antonio Machado, Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Baeza, Jaen, Spain
In 1917, the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States was promulgated. That year also witnessed the publication of the first history of music in Mexico: El arte musical en México by Alba Herrera y Ogazón. The year 1917 is, therefore, not only the starting point of a new Mexican constitutionalism but also that of the nascent historiography of Mexican music. In addition, it is a point of arrival that allows us to pose, in contrast to traditional historical narratives, a retrospective view of Mexican music from that time back to 1517, when the expedition of the Andalusian conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdoba reached the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mexican Musical Universe Between Centenaries (1517-1917) weiterlesen

CFP The Music Encoding Conference 2018

CFP The Music Encoding Conference 2018
The Music Encoding Conference is the annual focal point for the Music Encoding Initiative community (, but members from all encoding and analysis communities are welcome to participate. The conference has emerged as an important cross-disciplinary venue for theorists, musicologists, librarians, and technologists to meet and discuss new advances in their fields. CFP The Music Encoding Conference 2018 weiterlesen

The U2 Conference

The U2 Conference
U2: POPVision 2018
CFP Deadline: December 15, 2017
Conference date: June 13-15, 2018
Conference venue: Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Call for Presentations: Papers, Panels, Posters, Performances and Chairs
As a conference theme, U2: POPVision invites presentations investigating, articulating and critiquing the guiding aesthetic, musical, political, theological, gendered, material and cultural visions specific to U2’s Pop era of 1997-98 for their efficacy then and now, as well as welcoming an examination of popular music’s power to cast visions that shape its own narrative and help construct and complicate larger cultural conversations, in which U2’s visions have long been engaged. The U2 Conference weiterlesen