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Public Music Discourse In Honor of the Bernstein Centenary
Proposal deadline: December 1, 2017
Conference dates: March 2-3, 2018
Conference web site:
Conference venue: University of South Carolina, Columbia
Through his Thursday Evening Previews, Young People’s Concerts, Omnibus television programs, and in other venues, Leonard Bernstein demonstrated a voracious appetite for communicating with the public about music and music making. To celebrate the centenary of his birth, the University of South Carolina School of Music hosts a conference devoted to the topic of public music discourse, March 2–3, 2018. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION Public Music Discourse weiterlesen

CFP Music Politic Society The Role of Analysis

CFP Music Politic Society The Role of Analysis (Analitica no. 10, 2017)

The journal Analitica is dedicating the Papers section of Volume 10 (2017) to music analysis as a practice grounded in political and pragmatic choices which establish connections between music and its ideological and social contexts. The complete text of the CFP can be found at the Analitica website.
Scholars and musicians are invited to submit their proposals for a short paper (no more than 5,000 words) in Italian or in English. Anyone interested is invited to register with the Analitica website ( and to propose to the editors an abstract of their contribution (1,500 characters plus a brief biographical profile of 600 characters) by 15th August 2017. CFP Music Politic Society The Role of Analysis weiterlesen

CFP Material Cultures of Music Notation

Material Cultures of Music Notation
CfP deadline: 1 October 2017
Conference date: 20 – 22 April, 2018

Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

With invited speakers, Roger Moseley (Music, Cornell University), Beth Williamson (History of Art, University of Bristol), and Kiene Wurth (Languages, Literature and Communication, Utrecht University)

Since the late twentieth century, many of the arguments for an understanding of music as a social and cultural practice have proceeded from a critique of the centrality of the score in traditional music scholarship. In the current landscape of music studies, this critical move has been largely successful, with few scholars still considering notation an objective representation of music per se. However, this begs the question of how to conceptualize the role of musical writing, representation, and visualization in the cultural practice of music. CFP Material Cultures of Music Notation weiterlesen


17th International Music Theory Conference

The aim of the annual conference ‘Principles of Music Composing’ is to foster theoretical thought that is essential for compositional practice and education of composers. Sixteen conferences of this series have already been held in Vilnius. The 17th conference draws attention to the phenomena of rationality and intuition, which are considered to be contrasting yet complementary poles in the compositional process. Intuition often alters the realization of rational scheme, model or archetype chosen by the composer. Meanwhile rational revision may improve intuitive improvisation, sonorous vision, or the artistic idea. CFP PRINCIPLES OF MUSIC COMPOSING weiterlesen