Aboriginal Music Week 2012

Aboriginal Music Week 2012
The lineup for Aboriginal Music Week 2012 is out and includes a full serving of Indigenous musicians.

Every year Winnipeg hosts the largest gathering of Indigenous musicians at Aboriginal Music Week, held at numerous venues around the Pegcity, along side the Manito Ahbee Festival. This year is no different. Listing 12 concerts, 34 bands over 5 nights, AMW2012 will prove to be a historical event for the Indigenous music scene.
Aboriginal Music Week 2012 will take place October 30th thru to November 4th.

Here’s a look at the full festival lineup:

Tanya Tagaq w/ Moe Clark on October 30
Born and raised in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut in Canada’s high arctic, Tanya grew up surrounded by Inuit and western culture. It wasn’t until her teenage years that she began experimenting with Inuit throat singing, developing her signature solo style. Her first professional gig at a festival in Inuvik won the admiration of friends of Bjork, eventually leading to an appearance on the Icelandic artist’s 2004 CD, Medulla and a chance to accompany her on tour.

Wab Kinew w/ Savannah Rae Boyko on October 31
Wab Kinew (pron: WOB ka-NOO) is a one-of-a-kind talent, named by Postmedia News as one of “9 Aboriginal movers and shakers you should know”. He hosted the acclaimed CBC Television series “8th Fire”. His music has won an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award. He has a BA in Economics and is a member of the Midewin.

Samantha Crain w/ Cris Derksen on November 1
Anais Nin said, “Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.” That suggestion was the muse impelling the conception of Samantha Crain’s second LP, You (Understood). Each song on this album rests on a juncture with a person, a real person, and it recounts a particular episode of life with that person. The scenes and the people are not especially unusual or stirring but the idea that the precise installment will never, in all of time…[Read More]

Don Amero on November 1
Feenix w/ Drezus, OBT, JB the First Lady, Tommy Da, LKMG, Primetime Empyre on November 1
A Tribe Called Red w/ Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora on November 2
In 2007, Bear Witness considered himself a bit of a loner. He kinda thought of himself as a one man wolf pack. Then in 2008 he met DJ NDN and he knew right then that NDN was one of his own and his wolf pack, it grew by one. So then there was two of them in the wolf pack. Bear was the first in the wolf pack and NDN joined in later. And 18 months ago, when the guys met DJ Shub, Bear thought to himself, „wait a second, could it be?“ And then Bear knew for sure that they just added one more guy to their wolf pack.

Murray Porter w/ Silver Jackson on November 2
Wayne Lavallee w/ BODM, Randy Sibbeston & Wild Meat, Saali, Gabriel Ayala on November 2
Tha Link w/ IsKwé on November 3
Stevie Salas w/ Joey Stylez, LightningCloud on November 3
Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers w/ Nathan Cunningham on November 3
Keith Secola w/ Leanne Goose & Snow Blind, Priscilla’s Revenge, Scatter Their Own on November 3