A Musical Journey

A Musical Journey is a documentary film exploring the story of the Argentine digital cumbia movement accompanying a band as they tour across Europe for the first time.

Director and writer: Pablo Mensi
Executive Producers: Diego Elizalde & Pablo Mensi
Producer: Grant C. Dull
Cameras: Jonathan Magario & Pablo Mensi
Editor: Pablo Mensi

ZZK Films – http://zzkfilms.com

A Musical Journey (English Version)

Un Viaje Musical (Version Español)

In the 2nd episode of The Nu LatAm Sound Ecuador, ZZK Films continues on from the Andes mountains headed for the coast. 1st stop, Papá Roncón, legendary marimba player who is said to hold the secrets and mythologies of the instruments‘ arrival to Ecuador. Then off to Esmeraldas, the capital of Afro-Ecuadorian music and culture, where they’ll talk to Segundillo Quintero of Los Chigualeros and the new Ecuadorian and Colombia super band, Rio Mira. They’ll also pass by the studios of Guanchaka and Lascivio Bohemio, 2 young electronic music producers experimenting with the sound in Quito, and talk to Lindberg Valencia and Ivis Flies, two of the scenes most influential producers and cultural managers.

Dedicated to the people affected by the 4/16/16 earthquake on the Ecuadorian Coast and beyond.

ZZK Films is excited to present the first full-length episode of its documentary series and travelogue, The NuLatAm Sound.

The episode shines a light on the burgeoning musical renaissance in Ecuador– from the Amazon to the Andes, into the Quito underground and down to the pacific coast– and introduces Mateo Kingman, whose debut album, Respira, was released on ZZK imprint AYA Records last week.