Bach in the Age of Modernism

Bach in the Age of Modernism, Postmodernism, and Globalization

April 21-22, 2017
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Although the music of J.S. Bach has inspired a voluminous amount of
scholarship, the impact and appropriation of his music in the 20th and 21st
centuries remains relatively unexplored. This conference seeks to bring
together scholars from diverse disciplines and perspectives that share an
interest in the multiple ways the music of J.S. Bach has impacted culture
or inspired the work of composers, pedagogues, performers, critics, and
listeners during the 20th century and beyond.

Topics include Bach’s
influence on major composers, recent discoveries in archival research, the
reception and appropriation of „Bach“ by diverse political regimes, the use of
Bach’s compositions as pedagogical models in higher education, the quotation
from or appropriation of Bach’s compositions and style, and the
metamorphosis of „Bach“ and his music from local to national, European,
Western, and, now, Global.

Keynote Address by Michael Marissen and contributions by Brent Auerbach,
Louis Epstein, Ellen Exner, Erinn Knyt, Joel Lester, Robert Marshall,
Traute Marshall, Ernest May, Daniel R. Melamed, Andrea Moore, Matthew
Mugmon, Szymon Paczkowski, Markus Rathey, and Janice Stockigt